GetVia pharmacy told about 13 mandatory conditions for the use of the most popular type of contraception

The most popular type of barrier contraception is condoms. In addition to unwanted pregnancies and brand medications, they also help protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

It is noted that the probability of getting pregnant using such products for men as condoms is 15 percent. For what reasons this happens, and what are the mandatory conditions for the use of condoms.

When a condom might break or fail.

1. If it’s a fake

If the condom that you took out of the package confuses its quality – order medicines. Now you can find a lot of fakes that are not tested and do not guarantee anything at all. And they are sold often through the Internet or small shops so pay safely.

2. Storage conditions have been violated

Condoms must be stored in the right conditions. At low and high temperatures, latex begins to break down. Therefore, condoms from the glove compartment of the car, the window of the kiosk, hot room just need to throw away. It is believed that the ideal temperature for storing condoms – from 1 to 25 degrees of heat.

3. Expiration date

Under the right storage conditions, a condom can “live” for three to five years. After that, the absence of pregnancy and diseases is no longer guaranteed, as the high-quality medications begins to break down. Be careful when order pills.

4. The integrity of the packaging has been compromised

To check if the prescription drug is not damaged (and with it the condom itself), clamp down on the part of the package and check for air. If there is an air pad, then everything is fine, if not – immediately throw away. I purchased Viagra on GetVIA for the treatment of erectile dysfunction like many others. But then I thought that I spend a lot of money on it but I still have a claim to efficiency. It used to happen that it did not work out as it should. I switched to Levitra because it is more profitable for the price and the drug works perfectly.

5. Wrongly opened

Open the packaging from the condom teeth, scissors, knife, long nails – you can not in any case. You can use only internet shop and do everything as carefully, slowly, carefully.

6. Wrongly put on

If you put on the condom the wrong side, too early, too late, rolled out not to the end or in the sperm collection was air, so he may not cope with his latest discounts.

7. Don’t use lubricant

The lubricant on the condom itself is very small, and for sexual intercourse, you need to buy drugs and a lot of additional lubricants to minimize friction.

8. Replaced lubricant with butter, vaseline, cream

Experiment: put a ball out of a condom and put it on with sunflower oil, vaseline, or hand cream. Within a minute, the ball will burst. Remember, discounts on the products are destroyed by oils.

9. Used two condoms at the same time

Not only does this not provide any additional protection, but it is also guaranteed to say that as a result, they will both break medical equipment.

10. The condom is used for longer than 20 minutes

Not many people know that condoms from our pharmacy need to be changed every 15-20 minutes of sexual intercourse.

11. Left in the vagina

Immediately after the ejaculation penis with a condom should be carefully taken out of the vagina, otherwise the erection disappears, the condom slides and the sperm will go in search of the egg.

12. Not guessed with the size of the condom

For otc medicines to perform all its functions, it must be matched correctly in size. A large or small original medication can break, slide.

13. If you use a condom again

The condom can only be used once. No washing, nothing else will help to sells meds to his protective functions.